Sliabh Sandia Musicians Volunteer in Las Alamos Public Schools

Our fellow Sliabh Sandia members were a big hit with the young‘uns in Los Alamos! The musicians volunteered their time and donated the proceed to our branch.

Here’s what the teachers had to say:

Thank you Cleve for coming with the group. My students loved it and I really enjoyed myself also. I don’t think I had seen the Irish pipes played live so that was a treat! The addition of a dancer was wonderful but of course my kids favorite part was getting to dance to your music. They loved that! Thank you again for sharing your passion for Irish music with all of us. It was a great experience!

Thank you so much for working with me to organize your group coming up to play for us, and I hope you share this assembly with other schools in our state too! It was fabulous and the kids and teachers had a great time! Perhaps the other two elementary schools in our district will give you a call next year!